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Canadian Studio Lg2 Boutique Re-Brands Boris Ice Tea

When I see something done right it gives me something to strive for in my own career as a designer. Canadian studio, Lg2 Boutique‘s rebranding of Boris Ice Tea is so simple and yet so classic in it’s fluorescent lemon yellow and peach that it will jump off the shelves. Simple, Beautiful, Classic.

Boris Ice Tea branding by Lg2 Boutique
Left: An eccentric english man in fluorescent lemon
Right: A youthful woman in peach


MWM Graphics and Attik: London 2012 Olympics Coca Cola Branding

Published on June 16, 2012, by in Art, News, Typography.

I find inspiration from many places. Other designers can really turn my head when they produce amazing art. This is one. The London 2012 Olympics coke bottles designed by MWM Graphics and Attic.

MWM graphics collaborated with Attik on the Coca Cola branding for the London 2012 Olympics.

Graphics applied to the cans.

My role was to create a robust graphic asset library that the good folks at attik then refined into a Visual Identity System (VIS). This VIS was then passed along to agencies around the world to work with for their regional campaigns. The first phase of art was to create this hyper detailed, abstract rendition of COCA COLA LONDON 2012. From this master file we extracted dozens of ‘moments’ that became the graphic asset library. – Matt W. Moore (MWM Graphics)


Graphic Designer Philippe Apeloig talks to designboom

French Graphic Designer Philippe Apeloig talks to designboom about his typography, the future of poster design and the qualities he looks for when hiring.

There is not much room to work outside the arts and cultural arenas for Graphic Designers in France. Of course, I have considered working for commercial projects several times, but I never go looking for it by canvassing corporations or companies, I am simply not into this behavior. I like to be surprised by the business world, and to surprise them. That said, promoting art and culture has brought profound rewards by providing me with a deeper knowledge of the world. There is always new information coming in, and each project pushes my consciousness a step further. I try never to be tempted by fashion, or influenced by the rules of advertising, or corrupted by the pressures of the marketplace. Sometimes the market wants to dictate a particular approach or design language, but I avoid all these things.


Enchanting Vintage Advertisements

Published on March 4, 2012, by in Art, Typography.

My good friend Randy Dunbar posted on Facebook a link to some great vintage advertisements. I posted one of my favorites here. Crossing a phone with a TV – Who knew? You can see the rest on Speckboy.com by following this link. Since I am a huge fan of the TV show MAD MEN I have found a new appreciation for how things used to be done. Vintage inspiration.


Fantastic Magazine Is So Fantastic

Published on February 13, 2012, by in Art, Typography.

I love the designers at Fantastic Magazine. Sexy, Smart, Exciting.


Honest Logos by Victor Hertz

Published on January 6, 2012, by in Art, Typography.

Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz ‘honest logos’ project really tells it like it is. Revealing the actual content and truth behind the company at hand and its products. The logos give us a chance to reflect on our own personal habits of consumption. All images courtesy of Viktor Hertz.


Lady Gaga on the cover of Vanity Fair

Published on December 14, 2011, by in Art, Typography.

Amazing Lady GAGA Cover for Vanity Fair. One of the best. Beautiful, strong and glamourous.


london 2012 olympic coin designs revealed

Published on November 15, 2011, by in Art, Typography.

‘official olympic UK £5 coin’ by saiman miah and pippa sanderson
image courtesy the sun

continuing on a tradition dating back to the 1952 helsinki olympic games, the official UK £5 coins of
the london 2012 olympic and paralympic games
have been revealed. birmingham school of architecture
student saiman miah’s design of the olympic coin features the london skyline next to the river thames
with pictograms of athletes revolving around the circumference of the surface, much like the face of a clock.
‘as an architecture student I wanted to include a detailed impression of london’s iconic skyline on
my design,’ says saiman. ‘[the pictograms is] a reference to another london icon, big ben.’

the ‘london 2012 olympic UK £5 coin’ by saiman miah
image courtesy the royal mint


Thanksgiving 2011

Published on November 9, 2011, by in Events, Typography.

Thanksgiving 2011


Snow & Ice

Published on November 7, 2011, by in Art, Typography.

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