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bruketa&zinic + brigada: typotecture


bruketazinic + brigada: typotecture

Before and after the zavrtnica business centre of croatia’s capital city zagreb has received a facelift, thanks to the staff of the agency brigade, part of the bruketa žinić group, and its architects, interior and product designers. an entire block of buildings with four structures has been refurbished as a whole by means of ‘typotecture’ – the use of extremely large scale typography on architectural structures. The project is supported by B.M.V. engineering who own the commercial space, a collection of heterogeneous buildings found within a former factory complex. in terms of their architecture, distribution and façades, the existing structures were all completely different.

To unify them as well as to tone down the building block, black and white were used to anchor the surrounding buildings. In the concept, the central structure, no. 10 is particularly important. this is the seat of the administration of the zavrtnica business centre, and the most dominant building of the unit. it is a cube shaped builing, and by painting it white, the designers succeded in raising it up out of the back roundation and surrounding buildings, making it exceptionally more visible. not only upon entering the business centre, but also at much larger distances. in this way, people entering and leaving the city can notice this building as a sort of landmark just before entering the city, or upon departing from the nearby zagreb main train station.

the final look – the building can be seen from the train that runs by the business centre. The designers felt that using standard ‘legible’ typography would counter the architecture, as then the text would become the dominant feature.

unusually large letters

up close look

the side buildings

the back of the building

branimir sabljic, srdana alac and damjan geber (brigada and bruketa žinić group OM)

designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions’ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication.

A happy box


It is not a box…

Busan Opera House


This is an amazing structure. Australia-based practice lacoste + stevenson architects, in association with ARUP sydney, has completed an entry into the open international competition for the design of ‘busan opera house’, a new cultural complex due to start construction early 2014 in busan, south korea. Aiming to maximize on the surrounding parkland as well as to make the architecture flexible for large outdoor events, the design features moveable facade parts that open and close to meet the needs of a variety of events. Read Full Artical @ designboom

Roses and Staples


I am walking. I take my usual, somewhat critical, glance at the post covered in it’s knitted sleeve – still trying to make sense of it – when I notice someone has added to the “beautification” of the corner. Yes, I placed quotes around beautification. And yes you can imagine them as air quotes if you like.

A band of tightly knitted fabric with a celadon rose is wrapped around the telephone pole. I choose the term Celadon – a willow-green color – because I am gay. It makes sense to me and well, frankly, it helps me make sense of this little design trend happening here in the hood.

As I was pondering the placement of this I found myself staring at the mass of staples left over from posters that have been placed and removed over time. There is beauty in that simple act. This I can grasp hold of. A natural composistion of movement in thought – left over – in the arrangement. Beautiful. Does the “Rose Band” add to this beauty. Only time will tell.

Who is MAX?


Who is MAX and why did he write his name in black tar on the sidewalk?


Lenington Financial Website Update


Lenington Financial Website update with new logo and design changes. Lenington Financial is an independent fee-only financial life planning firm with offices in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California. We provide comprehensive or as-needed financial planning, retirement planning and investment advice to individuals and families of all types regardless of their net worth, income or investible assets.

Objects of Desire wholesale site


Objects of Desire believes in creating innovative designs, focusing on excellent quality and presenting customers with only the finest in fashion accessories and gifts. We had to find a way to compliment Objects of Desires vision, work within the very strict hosting guidelines and keep the site client editable. I think we found a solution that worked for everyone. The client can, with ease, manipulate the content without worry.

To Sleeve or not to Sleeve


I could not pass up this opportunity to look at design through a different lens. At the Sunnyside Piazza, in Portland, someone has taken on the responsibility to dress up the steel post that, in my own opinion, was by itself – rusted and beautiful. My initial reaction was filled with a bit of revulsion. A strong reaction to be sure. I would probably have let it pass if I had not just a few days earlier saw a tree, in San Francisco’s Buena Vista Park, with a branch covered in a camouflage knitted sleeve. I began to wonder is this a trend? I also found myself thinking – “Who am I to judge the design purpose of this new concept of “beautifying” everyday objects in nature or on the street?”. As I let my prejudice slide by I was able to look at this growing knitting trend with a little less judgement – not much less mind you but, still less. I can not explain why someone would think a steel pole would need a knitted multi color sleeve except that their own sense esthetic was disrupted by passing by this rusted piece of metal. Judge for yourself. We all have a different view of what is beautiful.

Objects of Desire 2011/2012 Catalog


Objects of Desire

We just finished the new 2011/2012 Catalog for Objects of Desire. Merging the 2010 Catalog and subsequent addendum’s in to one 32 Page book. Complimenting Objects of Desire’s belief in creating innovative designs, focusing on excellent quality and presenting customers with the finest in fashion accessories and gifts.

Lifetime Remodeling Systems Sales Sheet


Lifetime Remodeling Systems was looking for a sales sheet that could be sent out as a PDF and used as a mailer or handout. Together we found a solution that worked for all needs.